Moose Armor baby bleu Mod

€544.00 incl. btw*

Moose Armor (class O)

For NIU ⭕️ NQI, N-PRO, N-cargo N-GT

how long does it take to make the armor?
it takes about 7 days to make this order

 why moose armor panels ?
this armor is anti-scratch and anti-shock please note this is calculated from the daily activity and not with intentional damage.

what is it made of ?
this armor is made of 100% reusable material.

are they original NIU panels?
the panels are adapted for the armor and can only be used for moose armor.

does the armor discolour is the sun?
the armor loses 5 to 10% of its color over a period of 2 years, with every order a cover is supplied to prevent this,

if you have more questions please contact us by mai

* Gebaseerd op verblijf in Netherlands. Btw tarieven voor andere landen worden berekend aan de kassa. Prijs exclusief btw: €449.59.